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Trafford Youth Cabinet

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Sarah Alvi

Members discuss emotional health and wellbeing of young people

Posted on 10:43am Monday 17th September 2012

Members discuss emotional health and wellbeing of young people in Trafford and how we can all support children and young people with such problems.

Sarah Alvi

Members discuss guides for working with young people of faith and English exams

Posted on 12:14pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

Last meeting members discussed guides for working with young people of faith and the recent controversy about English exam results

Bus drivers and getting involved in a new nhs watchdog

Posted on 11:35am Thursday 26th July 2012

Rude bus drivers and getting involved in a new nhs watchdog were on the agenda yesterday.

Sarah Alvi

Members interviewing for Trafford's new Chief Executive

Posted on 9:28am Friday 15th June 2012

Members interviewing for the new Trafford Chief Executive and promoting a petition on youth unemployment....

Sarah Alvi

Members meet in local coffee shop

Posted on 9:18am Monday 11th June 2012

With numbers low due to school holidays and exams, members met at the local coffee shop to work on how to make the cabinet more effective.

Sarah Alvi

Youthforia - The North West's own youth forum

Posted on 2:51pm Wednesday 9th May 2012

Cabinet member Shereen Patel describes her day at at the regional youth forum known as Youthforia...

Sarah Alvi

Members work on transport issues for young people in Trafford.

Posted on 1:25pm Monday 23rd April 2012

Members began work on getting a good picture of what transport is like for young people in Trafford. They put down their own thoughts and will ask a wider group of young people what they think for a shadow select committee of young people run by the British Youth Council at Westminster

Sarah Alvi

Members do some campaign planning

Posted on 1:28pm Wednesday 4th April 2012

Members worked on planning a campaign based on issues raised by young people at our local democracy event. Two groups presented their plans to the cabinet and received feedback.

Sarah Alvi

Members plan for the coming year

Posted on 11:07am Friday 16th March 2012

Members discussed how the meetings will be run this year and came up with some new proposed rules for the cabinet….

Sarah Alvi

Members tell the police authority what issues they think the police should be focussing on

Posted on 12:22pm Thursday 8th March 2012

Members told Greater Manchester Police Authority what their policing priorities were. Their feedback will influence where the police focus their resources in the coming year.

Sarah Alvi

Members discuss the future of libraries in Trafford

Posted on 11:42am Friday 2nd March 2012

The Head of Trafford libraries came to the meeting to discuss the planned changes in the library service for Trafford. This includes volunteering opportunities for young people 16 and over.....

Sarah Alvi

Members asked about support for young victims of crime

Posted on 10:54am Friday 2nd March 2012

Angela Stewart from Victim Support visited cabinet to research what support young victims of crime would need. The results will be reported to the new police and crime commissioner next year…

Sarah Alvi

2012 Cabinet meets for the first time

Posted on 3:51pm Tuesday 21st February 2012

Members of the new cabinet hold their first meeting at the Talkshop in Sale.

Sarah Alvi

The Youthforia residential 2011

Posted on 1:30pm Monday 5th December 2011

Shereen Patel writes about a gathering of young people from the North West who want to make a difference in their communities and the country.

Sarah Alvi

Trafford MYP Naadhirah Dudha describes her day on the green benches in the House of Commons

Posted on 2:06pm Monday 21st November 2011

MYP joins young people from across the country to deabte the issues of the day

Sarah Alvi

Anti-bullying week meeting discusses bullying in schools

Posted on 1:59pm Monday 21st November 2011

Members discuss bullying and design posters and write poems to promote anti-bullying.

Sarah Alvi

Members work on new website and new idea to promote young people's engagement

Posted on 1:57pm Monday 21st November 2011

The 9.11.11 meeting focusses on a new website and engaging the young people of Trafford.

Sarah Alvi

Members meet Kate Green MP

Posted on 10:14am Wednesday 12th October 2011

Kate Green MP met with the youth cabinet to discuss tansport, how young people are partrayed in the media and lots more.. Check the notes for more information

Sarah Alvi

Conservative Party Conference – what’s youth got to do with it?

Posted on 1:07pm Tuesday 11th October 2011

Shereen Patel writes about cabinet members trip to Manchester Town Hall to take part in a youth debate.

Sarah Alvi

Members come up with questions for the Council Leader

Posted on 10:47am Friday 23rd September 2011

With Council leader Matt Colledge attending the next meeting members prepared some tough questions for him at their latest meeting.....

Sarah Alvi

Local Democracy Week discussed by cabinet

Posted on 1:28pm Wednesday 31st August 2011

Members come up with ideas for day that focusses on local democracy and young people. Also more app chat!

Summer cabinet meeting hears good news on mobile phone applications

Posted on 2:43pm Monday 22nd August 2011

Members to help Trafford CYPS to develop mobile engagement applications to help Trafford hear the views of young people

Sarah Alvi

Mobile apps discussion at cabinet meeting

Posted on 2:40pm Monday 22nd August 2011

Members discuss how best to use mobile phone applications to engage with other young people in Trafford.

Sarah Alvi

Cabinet thoughts turn to summer

Posted on 10:05am Friday 22nd July 2011

Planning for the summer is the priority for cabinet members as school comes to an end for another year.

LGBT group tries out new workshop on cabinet members

Posted on 12:54pm Thursday 14th July 2011

LGBT group 'No Attitude' tried out their new workshop for young people on members last night. Members enjoyed the session and provided feedback on how it could be improved when they take it to schools and youth clubs.

Youth Cabinet focusses on bullying

Posted on 10:11am Wednesday 13th July 2011

Cabinet checks out the new CYPS anti-bullying policy.

Sarah Alvi

Cabinet discuss school nurses and the youth service

Posted on 4:56pm Thursday 30th June 2011

Members debate what makes a good school nurse and what they would like the youth service to look like in the future.

Sarah Alvi

Notes from the meeting on 15.6.11

Posted on 3:42pm Thursday 16th June 2011

Read about the meeting on 15th of June.

Notes from meeting on 8.6.11

Posted on 12:15pm Monday 13th June 2011

Connexions manager Andy Zilkha joined the cabinet to discuss the service and how it can improve.

Sarah Alvi

Notes from meeting 25.5.11

Posted on 10:43am Thursday 26th May 2011

Dr Catherine Regan from Trafford Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) attended the meeting to explain to members what the service does and asking how involving children and young people can improve it. Lots of other things discussed as well.......

Matthew Bowcott

Members consulted on young people and alcohol

Posted on 10:57am Monday 23rd May 2011

Young researchers from the North West Regional Youth Work Unit ask members about alcohol

Matthew Bowcott

Cabinet consulted on the future of Altrincham

Posted on 9:30am Thursday 12th May 2011

Cabinet meets consultant to discuss how Altrincham can be improved.

Sarah Alvi

Notes from meeting on May 4th 2011

Posted on 10:25am Thursday 5th May 2011

Find out what was discussed at this meeting....

Matthew Bowcott

Notes from meeting April 27th

Posted on 9:37am Thursday 28th April 2011

All the latest from the cabinet meeting on April 27th

Sarah Alvi

Youthforia - a brief update....

Posted on 1:52pm Wednesday 27th April 2011

Shereen updates us on what the regional youth forum has been up to....

Matthew Bowcott

Youth Cabinet Residential - The Truth!!

Posted on 1:40pm Wednesday 27th April 2011

Claire reveals all the gossip about the cabinet's annual residential at Trafford Hall.

Sarah Alvi

New MYP Chris explains the cabinet's three campaign areas for 2011

Posted on 3:05pm Thursday 7th April 2011

Chris explains the area the cabinet will focus on and asks you to get involved.

Matthew Bowcott

Notes from meeting March 30th

Posted on 2:59pm Thursday 7th April 2011

What was discussed on March 30th? Find out here!

Matthew Bowcott

Cabinet members attend the last GMPTE young people's transport forum?

Posted on 2:52pm Thursday 7th April 2011

Shereen describes possibly the last GMPTE young people's transport forum on March 15th

Sarah Alvi

Notes from meeting March 23rd

Posted on 2:44pm Thursday 7th April 2011

Notes from our meeting on March 23rd. What do you think of the issues discussed?

Matthew Bowcott

Lauren explains what youth cabinet means to her

Posted on 2:41pm Thursday 7th April 2011

Second year member writes about what being in the cabinet means to her....

Sarah Alvi

Notes from meeting 16.3.11

Posted on 11:28am Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Notes from our meeting on 16.3.11. Let us know what you think....

Matthew Bowcott

Notes from cabinet meetings to go online

Posted on 9:17am Tuesday 22nd March 2011

From now on we are going to put the notes of our weekly meetings online to give other young people the chance to comment on our meeetings.....

Trafford's new Member of Youth Parliament speaks!

Posted on 9:13am Tuesday 22nd March 2011

New member of Youth Parliament for Trafford speakes poetically about her new role and the youth cabinet.

Sarah Alvi

Members visit the Union Street Media Arts in Old Trafford

Posted on 11:41am Tuesday 8th February 2011

Shereen writes about a visit to an arts project in Old Trafford

Matthew Bowcott

Youthforia - a regional youth cabinet

Posted on 9:38am Tuesday 8th February 2011

Shereen meets young people from around the North West.

Sarah Alvi

Dude, where's my culture?

Posted on 9:01am Tuesday 8th February 2011

Shereen talks about an event encouraging young people to get involved in making culture more relevant to them.

Sarah Alvi

Trafford young people elected to UK Youth Parliament

Posted on 3:09pm Monday 7th February 2011

Trafford Youth Cabinet members have elected the Borough’s two new Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) and their deputies.

Another view from the House of Commons

Posted on 2:58pm Tuesday 30th November 2010

Trafford MYP Claire Kellett gives us her take on her trip to the House of Commons.

Matthew Bowcott

Shereen reports on Black History Month Event

Posted on 4:12pm Thursday 25th November 2010

speechmaker remembers a great event in the Trafford calender.

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