Friday 25th November- Sunday 27th November- Best weekend of 2011! It’s the Youthforia residential! In fact it was my 3rd Residential! Each Youthforia member represents their area and must be part of a local group to be able to do this. The role of a young person who participates in the Youthforia is to enable the voice of these local groups to be heard at a regional level. The residential allows the members to know each other better and participate in workshops that interest us! I went into the Ministry of Defence group, because I didn’t know much about it, and was keen to find out more! It was quite interesting because I learnt where the money goes and how it helps other countries for example, in foreign aid! I had such an enjoyable time from the morning jogs with Marike to partying till 3 in the morning (just kidding)! At the end of the sessions, we were taught how to approach our MP to voice our concern on the topic. I am hoping to do this and continue voicing young people’s opinions on a regional level! I’d also like to say on behalf of those who went, thanks to my youth worker Mark for taking us and to the council for supporting us!

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