Quick hits 1. Campaign areas questionnaires • Still more to come in and more hard copies needed 2. Hoodies • The maroon ones are the wrong size and have to go back.

3. Youth Cabinet exchange • No progress. Hopefully some progress at Youthforia?

4. O2 Think Big • Nick has been told our bid is waiting to be assessed.

5. The Fuse update • More members returned their membership forms 6. Youthforia residential Friday November 25th to Sunday 27th November • Naadhirah, Shereen, Marike and Elmyra to represent Trafford.

7. Youth Voice Awards • Mark gave out work books. Sarah the first to finish it!!

Feedback 8. Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day Friday November 11th • Good times were had at youth service and police complaints. Lunches were both good but different; M and S sandwiches v pizza hut.

9. Children’s trust board • Elmyra fed back about looking at the children and young people’s plan. Need another member to attend next time. Jaya and Nick volunteered For discussion 10. Anti bullying week • Discussion about bullying: Schools don’t think it exists; bystanders need to get involved more; what’s in place isn’t enough; Is Shannon O’Brien real or not – discussion; Teachers don’t see it or treat it as a joke; teacher training should be better on this area; teachers don’t want to get involved to make it worse?

• Members did posters, poems etc about bullying to enter competition run by Trafford.

11. Mobile apps for engagement • Deferred until next week 12. Local Democracy Week event • Member wrote what they had learned from being in youth cabinet for Mark’s presentation to deputy heads.

13. Safeguarding Board minutes • Deferred until next week 14. AOB

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