Quick hits 1. Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day Friday November 11th • Last chance to join the two events 2. Campaign areas questionnaires • Gave out more questionnaires and got some back. They will need collating!

3. Children’s trust board • Elmyra to attend 4. Hoodies 5. Youth Cabinet exchange • No progress 6. O2 Think Big • Nick has put in a bid for cabinet to get money to pay for lunch at local democracy week event 7. Mobile apps for engagement • No progress 8. The Fuse update • Waiting to hear date of next board meeting 9. Youthforia residential Friday November 25th to Sunday 27th November • Reminder.

10. Youth Voice Awards • Still an opportunity to get the award.

11. New Trafford spending challenge • Visit the Trafford website to have your say….

12. London 2012 Young Games Makers • Chance to work in the Olympics . Olympics ambassadors Feedback 13. Half term training event • Natasha, Daniel, Neil and Georgina attended three day course, Learned how to promote young people in the media and developed an action plan including a new youth cabinet website 14. House of Commons event • Naadhirah got to speak in the debate. The whole event was brilliant.

15. Lynsey Cottle health notes • Lynsey has sent her notes through for feedback. Mark to attach to minutes/facebook.

16. School nurses and alcohol • Mark fed back the members views about this to the commissioner responsible for alcohol services For discussion 17. UKYP Elections • Mark to speak to deputy heads to ask whether they will allow elections in schools. Also had a meeting with Trafford’s elections team who are really interested including doing the count to practice for real elections in May.

18. 100 days campaign • Trafford aiming to promote young people’s engagement in a special campaign. They wanted the views of the youth cabinet on the idea.

Ideas for logo/name • I♥TRD!

• I♥TFD!

• Trafford I ♥ U • Can’t be the same as I♥MCR • 100 days in Trafford Positives • Tidy ups sound great • Like the idea of celebrity Negatives • Better theme • Better celebs • Not a lot of people would go • Aimed at the wrong people • No good activities Promotion • Need loads of adverts about it • Make it appealing to youths • Get lots of promotion Ideas • Christmas theme?

• Competition for logo • Fuse for music • Vote for themes?

Comments • ‘It’s a good idea because it builds better and stronger foundations on which Britain can build upon. In turn it allows for the positive attributes to be showcased’.

• Don’t be patronising • Supports communities in need • Good plan – helps support communities in need Questions • Would you have to a put in a bid?

• Would schools be involved?

19. Youth cabinet website • Members did some work on what they wanted to be on the new youth cabinet website What we do Who we are Introduction Section to contribute to our agends Connect to CYPS website Events information The video of last year in the cabinet Polls Blogs Response boxes/improvements Fun games to play Bright colours Easy to read Summarise blogs at the end Get the know the members. Page about each member A gallery Our beautiful drawings Like us on facebook Wanna join???

Contact us Minutes and agendas No posh words/language Nice font visual appeal Info – about us page Send in questions links to twitter May be open blog to public?

3 areas we are working on How to join page Pictures from outings etc Understandable for 11-16 year olds Questionnaires Forum Messenger blog Updates on our achievements UKYP information 20. Local Democracy Week event • Deferred until next meeting 21. Safeguarding Board minutes • Deferred until next meeting 22. AOB

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