Quick hits 1. BYC Party conference events • Members know who are going on Sunday to Liverpool for the Labour conference. Stacy will ring to arrange pick-ups.

2. Campaign areas questionnaires • Members took copies of questionnaire to school for them to check if its ok to circulate.

3. Hoodie update • Members chose their colours and sizes 4. UKYP consent forms • Need to be filled in so people can go on residentials and house of commons 5. Town Hall hoarding picture • No updates.

6. Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day Friday November 11th • Members have been getting permission from school to have the day off to attend. So far, Police Complaints Authority have agreed to take part. Members would like to go to the Messenger newspaper. Mark to send emails out to find out if there is any interest.

7. Youth Cabinet exchange • Shereen to get the Halton workers details from her contact.

8. O2 Think Big • Shereen agreed to write bid for local democracy event.

9. Mobile apps for engagement • Mark to set up meeting. Nick said his old council did something similar.

10. Half Term training event • Residential at Trafford Hall. For members who have not attended a residential so far. Lots of interest. Mark to book some places.

11. The Fuse • Mark handed out membership forms. Cabinet members to get free membership paid for by youth cabinet budget.

12. Kate Green October 5th • Kate Green MP to attend cabinet on October 5th to talk about what the cabinet does.

13. Youthforia residential Friday November 25th to Sunday 27th November • Date for diaries 14. Youth Voice Awards • Accreditation available for free.

Feedback 15. Naadhirah work experience • Deferred until next meeting For discussion 12. Visit of Leader of Council • Members came up with questions to ask the Leader next week.

16. AOB • Young mayor for Manchester. There is a group trying to get a youth mayor for Manchester. They have been at Ashton on Mersey school and are putting a petition together. Sarah and Natasha to find out more and report back.

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