1. Youth Cabinet Logo • Members voted on their favourite • Mark to give other member a chance then final decision has been made.

Quick hits 2. Youth Cabinet exchange • No new news 3. UKYP paperwork • Don’t forget to return 4. British Youth Council Convention August 11th • Thursday August 11th • Natasha, Shereen, Sarah and Naadhirah to attend.

5. Campaign areas questionnaire • Mark to develop paper version for festival season Feedback 6. Trafford Hospital Trust meeting • Mark fed back why Alex though Manchester Central hospitals was the better bid For discussion 7. Chris T • Chris has been to London to help Labour party to design their new transport manifesto 8. Pandemonium festivals • Take place on Tuesday August 9th Stamford Park Altrincham and Thursday August 11th Victoria Park Stretford • Lots of interest in helping with our stall. Still have lots of the old freebies.

9. Design a hoodie • Members designed the hoodie they want • Oliver to design 2/3 options we can vote on 10. Summer Fun • Ideas for summer fun • BBQ • Gorse Hill day • Laserquest • Oca for lunch 11. AOB • Mark explained the hacking scandal

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