LIVING beings are destined to die sooner or later.

Guru Nanak dev ji, the first Sikh Guru says that before anyone is born, it is definite that they will die.

Anik jatan kar kaal santaaye, maran likhaye mandal may aaye ie Only the one who is destined to die takes birth.

Janam padarath dubidha khove, aap na cheenas bhram bhram rove ie Those who waste the precious human life cry in the end because they do not know their own self and live in doubt and pain.

Science has advanced so much and we can now cure several diseases and prolong life. Why is human life so precious and how do we learn to accept death?

Guru Arjan dev ji says: Bhai parapat manukh dehuriya, Gobind bhajan ki eh teri bariya ie You have been blessed with this human body and this is your chance to meet Lord; Avar kaaj tere kite na kaam, mil sadh sangat bhaj keval naam ie other efforts are of no use to you therefore you should meditate along with others.

Saranjaam laag bhavjal taran ke, janam birtha jaat rung maya ke ie make the effort and cross over the ocean of this world, do not waste this life in the worldly attachments.

Guru Nanak dev ji asks: Kiv sachiara hoyea kiv kude tute paal ie how can we learn to live a truthful life? He answers: Hukam rajai chalna Nanak likhiya naal ie you will obey the will of the Lord and walk in the way of His Will.

My mother died recently aged 80 having spent a good life and despite knowing that it is inevitable, it is hard to accept and I have been trying to look for some answers.