What is the point in voting?

Messenger Newspapers:

12:05pm Friday 24th October 2014

I HAVE not voted in any local elections since the start of the recession — I just don’t see the point.

Thanks for used stamps

Messenger Newspapers: FOUR people have been sacked and another two have resigned as part of an investigation into potential fraud at a call centre, The Northern Echo has learnt.

11:47am Friday 24th October 2014

I WANT to extend my thanks to readers who sent used British and foreign stamps in aid of Genesis Cancer Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital. They were gratefully received.

The Tory council does not value young people in Trafford

Messenger Newspapers: Penarth Leisure Centre to host Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme sessions

12:03pm Friday 24th October 2014

WHAT sort of message is this Tory council sending out to our young people in Trafford with the closure of our youth centres based in Partington, Davyhulme, Lostock, Sale West, Broomwood, Old Trafford and Gorse Hill Studios, also the Duke of Edinburgh Award Centre and our outdoor education team and our street based youth work teams.

Your honesty is truly wonderful

Messenger Newspapers:

11:51am Friday 24th October 2014

TO the person who handed in my handbag to Marks & Spencer’s last Monday, I would like to say a massive thank you.

Decisions have to be made

Messenger Newspapers: CASH WINDFALL: The 4Together AAP has awarded grants to 18 groups

1:18pm Friday 24th October 2014

A LABOUR council would spend money we haven’t got providing things we cannot afford and, in the end, that would destroy Trafford’s finances as quickly as it did Britain’s economy when Labour last held power.

Obliged to provide library service

Messenger Newspapers: CHALLENGE: Call for answers on Rhoose Library

1:44pm Tuesday 21st October 2014

I'M just so very sad that Trafford Council has found itself in the situation where it has been forced to cut back on services to us, the council tax payer.

Autumn trees in Tatton

Messenger Newspapers: (11675780)

1:25pm Monday 20th October 2014

THIS scenic view was taken along the main drive into Tatton Park on a lovely autumn day and was submitted by Messenger reader Gill Baker, from Sale, M33 2LA

Cheeky squirrel

Messenger Newspapers: Laura Clarke's picture of a squirrel in her garden in Sale

2:59pm Tuesday 14th October 2014

MESSENGER reader Laura Clarke spotted this cheeky squirrel pictured recently in her garden in Sale.

Ann works tirelessly

2:35pm Tuesday 14th October 2014

FOLLOWING the celebration of the Homebase fundraising for Alzheimers in Messenger, I'm sure regular shoppers at Homebase will have encountered Ann Yearsley, from Broadheath community group, 2 Little Ducks as she tirelessly collects for their charity of the year which has been Alzheimers.

Are we really making savings

Messenger Newspapers: (11122012)

2:34pm Tuesday 14th October 2014

I WORKED for Trafford Council for 10 years as a gardener, but this was changed to Groundforce Officer.

Please step back from these council cuts

Messenger Newspapers:

2:22pm Tuesday 14th October 2014

TRAFFORD Council should step back and look at the damage it is doing to children and families, with yet another austerity budget.

Thanks to Peel for tarmacking canal

3:06pm Monday 6th October 2014

GOOD news and big thank you to Peel Holdings.

Can you help find quick thinking Altrincham nurse who tended to woman who colapsed during a flight to Greece?

2:54pm Monday 6th October 2014

ON September 8 this year my wife and I were flying to Halkidiki in Greece from Manchester as part of our 50th wedding anniversary celebrations for a two week holiday.

I don't think allowance increase is justified

Messenger Newspapers: (11122012)

10:31am Monday 6th October 2014

I AM surprised that anyone resident in Trafford would consider the increase in salary [allowance] to the leader of the council justifiable.

Pay rise ‘is an utter disgrace’

Messenger Newspapers:

11:25am Friday 3rd October 2014

IT IS an utter disgrace that Trafford Council tax payers are expected to fund Sean Anstee’s exorbitant salary, now hiked by a further £9,000+.

Pay rise for the council leader? This is the most preposterous proposition I've ever heard

Messenger Newspapers: Up for the challenge - Councillor Sean Anstee

10:40am Friday 3rd October 2014

AS A Trafford resident I am flabbergasted at the news of the leader’s allowance increase at a time when the council is facing massive cuts as part of the government’s austerity agenda and is making staff redundant and privatising its services in an effort to reduce costs.

Trafford council leader's pay rise is justified

Messenger Newspapers: Cllr Sean Anstee

10:32am Friday 3rd October 2014

THE Messenger’s coverage of the increase in allowance for the leader of Trafford Council has been a little unfair.

Speak up to save Wythenshawe hospital

Messenger Newspapers: Wythenshawe Hospital.

10:16am Friday 3rd October 2014

THE threat to Wythenshawe Hospital of being downgraded under the Healthier Together proposals is such an important issue.

Spider at the centre of its web

Messenger Newspapers: Paul's spider

3:23pm Monday 29th September 2014

MESSENGER reader Paul King has been out and about in his Sale garden, taking pictures of the wildlife he found there.

If the council can afford a £9k pay rise for its leader, it can afford to repair the roads

9:52am Friday 26th September 2014

So. The leader of the council has accepted a £9k pay rise.

Bad smells in Davyhulme are not on

10:51am Tuesday 23rd September 2014

IT'S bad enough having to put up with United Utilities letting their smells out now and again in Davyhulme, and I live on Broadway just behind their sewage plant.

Cycle lanes wouldn't be needed on Brooklands Road if drivers would use the 'normal driving position'

10:42am Monday 22nd September 2014

I WAS passing the house of one of my local councillors, Chris Boyes, on bin day and thought I'd move his house's bin off the pavement (he wasn't at fault, it had probably been very recently emptied and bin staff don't appear to return bins to driveways).

The council has a duty to protect its vulnerable residents

1:03pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

IT has always been my view that the most important duty the council has is to protect its most vulnerable residents.

Altrincham community planters have been a success

Messenger Newspapers: North West in bloom judges Bill Blackledge chairman of NW in loom and judge with John Bilsborough and community planters in  Altrincham

9:55am Monday 15th September 2014

THE community planters in Altrincham town centre have been very much appreciated throughout the summer.

Hands off our bus service

Messenger Newspapers: Twickenham town centre bus stop petition handed in

11:13am Wednesday 10th September 2014

I WAS amazed when I found out M Travel would no longer be operating the Bowdon Vale to Altrincham bus service.

Thanks for making Broadway Park Family Fun Day a success

Messenger Newspapers: June Reilly

9:44am Tuesday 9th September 2014

MAY I take this opportunity to thank all the committee members and helpers for their efforts in making the Friends of Broadway Park Family Fun Day such a tremendous success on Sunday, September 7 (as advertised in Messenger).

I spotted Trafford's Frank Sinatra on TV too

Messenger Newspapers: Wayne Devlin

10:45am Monday 1st September 2014

IN your readers' letters you asked if anyone else had spotted any locals on television.

Thank you for looking after my unwell father

Messenger Newspapers: Best of the bunch: Tulips

9:56am Tuesday 26th August 2014

A HEARTFELT thank you to the kind lady who took my father under her wing on the bus to Altrincham the other day, and also the bus driver, who both made sure my father got home safely.

Do something about the Manor Avenue/Woodhouse Lane roundabout in Sale

Messenger Newspapers: Messenger Newspapers Logo

9:52am Tuesday 26th August 2014

I USE the roundabout at the top of Manor Avenue/Woodhouse Lane in Sale on a regular basis and, I know money is tight, but who is supposed to be looking after the planting in the middle?

Market is far from complete

Messenger Newspapers: Altrincham Market

1:32pm Friday 22nd August 2014

AS a trader on Altrincham market for over three years, I would like to take issue with the bold statement of Councillor Michael Hyman that ‘The transformation of the market quarter is complete’, because quite frankly, it’s far from it.

Beautiful bee

Messenger Newspapers: Bumble bee by Viv Kenyon from Timperley

10:59am Friday 22nd August 2014

MESSENGER reader Viv Kenyon from Timperley was given a camera for her birthday has been amazed by the quality of the images she has achieved with her first digital camera.

I am disappointed by lack of cycle lanes

Messenger Newspapers: ‘Deathtrap’ fears  over new contra-flow cycle lane

10:45am Friday 22nd August 2014

IN reply to Jimmy Stewart's 'Cycle lanes are necessary' letter of (SAM, August 21) – I have been onto my local councillors about Brooklands Road myself.

Appeal to North West knitters

Messenger Newspapers: KNITTING CLUB

2:53pm Thursday 21st August 2014

LAST year we appealed to knitters in the North West to help us knit mice to create the ‘Mile of Mice’ and raise money for the Alzheimer’s society.

Not enough encouragement from Sinnott

Messenger Newspapers: Lee Sinnott

10:37am Thursday 21st August 2014

ON August 12 I was one of the 996 at Moss Lane looking forward to Alty’s first home game back in the conference.

Plastic waste problems can be easily solved

Messenger Newspapers: GOLD TOP AWARD: Consett manufacturer Nampak Plastics' award-winning Infini bottle. An octagonal structure which supports thinner walls, the bottle uses less plastic and is up to one-fifth lighter than a standard plastic milk carton.

10:37am Thursday 21st August 2014

AFTER reading John Weightman’s article on the problem with recycling plastic packaging (‘Packaging is a sore point’, August 7), what he should do is what I do:

Happy little duck

Messenger Newspapers: A duck at Dunham Massey park

1:01pm Monday 18th August 2014

A HAPPY little white duck at Dunham Park. The picture was submitted by Messenger reader Gill Baker, of Sale.

Thank you to those who helped me after my accident

Messenger Newspapers:

11:10am Friday 15th August 2014

ON July 11 at about 3.30 in the afternoon, I was walking on the pavement at Nag's Head Circle.

Storm over Broadheath

Messenger Newspapers: (8920320)

4:22pm Monday 4th August 2014

THIS picture of an electrical storm over Broadheath, Altrincham, was submitted by Messenger reader Chris Reddy.

Beautiful butterfly

Messenger Newspapers: Butterfly, by Amanda J Window

12:51pm Tuesday 29th July 2014

THIS beautiful, summery picture of a butterfly was sent in by Messenger reader Amanda J Window.

Busy bee pops into poppy

Messenger Newspapers: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          (8481597)

12:48pm Tuesday 22nd July 2014

A BUSY Bee pops into a poppy surrounded by sweet lips on a sunny morning in Noreen Cowell’s garden in Sale Moor.

Bin regime is not what residents want

Messenger Newspapers: Trafford's ruling Conservative group has defended its decision to bin weekly general refuse collections

11:29pm Friday 11th July 2014

I READ with interest the letter from the Byrom Street resident regarding the inefficiency of the rubbish collection system within Trafford.

Was any research carried out before work was carried out on Chester Road/Talbot Road?

Messenger Newspapers: Find out more about Birchwood cycle and walking plans

10:52am Monday 7th July 2014

RE the letter in July 3 edition about the 'road improvement of Talbot /Chester Road' heading from Stretford to Old Trafford /Manchester.

Some adult cyclists act like children

Messenger Newspapers: Metal Sculptor Graham Anderton's life  size metal cycles which will be on display at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show  (24th -27th 2014) celebrating the Yorkshire Grand Depart  (l-r)Local cyclists  , Georgie McKenzie (15), Daniel Stott (15) and Edd Wa

10:02am Tuesday 1st July 2014

DO some men never, ever grow up?

Airport Metrolink will make no difference

Messenger Newspapers: Metrolink line to Manchester Airport to open before the end of the year

11:04am Monday 30th June 2014

I THINK it is of little interest to residents of Timperley, Hale and Altrincham that the Metrolink airport line has been completed early, or even at all, as there are perfectly adequate bus services to the airport and Wythenshawe, from the centre of Altrincham.

Councillor: See the bigger picture with St Paul’s Vicarage demolition

Messenger Newspapers: Trafford planning bosses extended temporary planning permission at South Manchester Synagogue for another two years.

10:33am Monday 30th June 2014

IN response to Mandy Robinson who is appalled to learn St Paul’s Vicarage may be demolished, I can inform your readers that the purchase of the vicarage by the council and demolition this summer is a done deal and has been through all the necessary planning consent stages.

Sale street collection raises £350 for Cancer Research UK

Messenger Newspapers: Sale street collection raises £350 for Cancer Research UK

10:26am Monday 30th June 2014

SALE local committee of Cancer Research UK collected £350.23 at their street collection in Altrincham on Saturday June 7.

Grass is too long at our cemetery

Messenger Newspapers:

3:42pm Friday 27th June 2014

IN response to the letter published in the Messenger on June 12 about the poor state of Brooklands Cemetery, I too was shocked at the long grass in the older part of the grounds.

Please don’t demolish the vicarage

Messenger Newspapers: The west elevation built by Charles Heathcote. In 1891

2:10pm Friday 27th June 2014

I AM appalled to learn that Trafford Council may demolish the historic St Paul’s Vicarage on Springfield Road, Sale, a Merchants House built in the 1840s.

Many vehicles have nil tax discs

Messenger Newspapers: Calls for council to clamp down on blue badge parking abuses

3:09pm Friday 27th June 2014

BOB Ford of Sale, Messenger, June 12, complains that a penalty charge notice is posted on a vehicle parked in Altrincham with a nil tax disc inferring that nil tax means that the driver is disabled and must have forgotten their disabled blue badge.

Thanks for rescuing my cat

Messenger Newspapers: Elvis left the building - and got lost

3:05pm Friday 27th June 2014

I WOULD to thank the security guard Craig and the pest control officer that rescued my cat Mojo from the roof of Stretford Mall last month.

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