ON March 24 I took my mother to the minor injuries unit at Altrincham Hospital. Using her disabled parking card I parked in a disabled bay.

On returning to the car I found a parking charge notice on my windscreen.

Quoting the reference number, I enquired of Trafford Council the precise reason for the charge notice. I was informed that I had failed to place a clock showing the time of arrival adjacent to the disabled parking card.

Nowhere on the card or on any sign I could find pertaining to the parking bay was there any information about a requirement for any type of clock to be displayed.

I would advise anyone considering travelling to and parking a car anywhere in Trafford to be extra careful or better still reconsider and, where possible, go elsewhere.

As an additional touch of irony, my little difficulty was occasioned on the day after Trafford Council proudly announced a series of action days to support disabled motorists.

This specifically mentioned that – parking wardens will be patrolling streets checking vehicles displaying blue badges and giving information to drivers so they can be sure they are using their badge correctly in order to avoid parking penalties.

Not quite my experience, but I am sure I am not the first nor will I be the last.

W A Brotherston, Maltmans Road, Lymm