I WAS astounded by the article about second class post.

It seems to me that the so called experiment arranged by Mr Murray served no purpose other than to highlight that there may be a problem getting post out of London.

However, that is not typical of the country as a whole.

It is clear to me that the Royal Mail is struggling to bring a 19th century business into the 21st century in one big jump, and this must be an enormous task in the face of all the alternatives which are available, such as email.

I think postal workers need to let go of archaic working practices and face the future head on. Whether a stamp costs 36p or 55p, the postal service will not survive without a good dose of realism and a change of attitude.

The alternative is that Royal Mail will fail and be sold, no doubt to a foreign business.

The Royal Mail is, and will continue to be, important, particularly to those with limited choices or mobility in our society, so we should all cherish and make the most of it.

It is not productive for politicians to play silly games which might undermine the task of reforming the service.

My office is on the third floor. Royal Mail post is delivered through the door or at reception depending on the time of day. Mail delivered by private companies is usually to be found on the floor or, sometimes, outside in the street.

Whilst she took part in the ‘experiment’, at least Kate Green MP seems to recognise that it was un-scientific. My own experience differs: A week or two ago, I posted a second class stamped letter from Manchester on Monday afternoon. A reply was received, by second class post, on Friday morning. I call that a successful and worthwhile service.

Last week the Messenger also advised that Urmston postal delivery patterns will change over the coming weeks due to new working practices designed to increase efficiency. Best of luck to them. Maybe their London colleagues should observe.