EVERYTHING I have read and heard about biomass incinerators and the possible effects on health clangs a warning bell because of what happened to my husband.

He worked in Irlam Steel from his early 20s following National Service in the Army.

This was in the late 50s.

After it closed down he had a chest X-ray which showed a shadow on his lung.

It was ‘industrial damage’.

He subsequently developed coronary heart disease leading to a quadruple by-pass in his 40s.

Shortly afterwards he developed pulmonary fibrosis. The effect is the same as asbestosis and he died aged 55.

The point I am making is that we did not know about any risks to health, but an awful lot of steelworkers developed serious lung and heart disease from breathing in particles that damaged them. They trusted the system.

I do not want an incinerator near mine or anyone else’s children and grandchildren if there is even the slightest risk to their health.

‘Minimal risk’ is still a risk and is not good enough.

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