REGARDING your piece on the state of the roads in Trafford.

I am one of the people who constantly complain to the council about the state that they are in.

However I am constantly being told about budgets. Yes - I get that there is a finite budget yada, yada, yada. However, adjacent streets have had full refurbs even down to the paving being tarmac-ed over.

The point I am making is that the council seem to spend time and money patching up the road which doesn't last long and they need to come and re-patch it up. Penny wise-pound foolish some would say!

I live on Ledbury Ave in Urmston and like everyone else pay both road and council tax and I expect to see my street being taken care of so that cars are not damaged by the poor condition of the road.

The street is full of potholes which impacts on driving style as you can see cars meandering up and down the road - it's a joke!

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