I read with pride the story of those cyclists from Altrincham who rode to Paris to raise money to combat Breast Cancer. Well done all of them.

It triggered admiration in me as my late father led the St Peter's Church in Hale ride from Canterbury to York, then the Royal British Legion ride from London to Paris and when he was 65, with my Godfather who was 66 and the late John Black who was 65, cycled from Seattle, across the Rockies and finished in New Jersey over 3,000 miles later.

My late Dad was an international cyclist in the 1950s and he raised money for the Children's Society in memory of his sister who died at the age of 10 from blood cancer. He arrived home from active service the afternoon she had been buried in the morning. We need to spend an extra little time for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, friends and strangers, and if we can rejoice in doing something special to lift up their hearts in their darkest moments.

Peter Booth,