I AM writing to bemoan further the cuts to services being pushed through, particularly in the M41 locale of Trafford.

A number of correspondents have mentioned the William Wroe Golf Course and more recently GH Carnall.

The misinformation being fed to the council tax paying public is sparse and misleading at best and some may say they are deliberately omitting details.

For example, at the GMSF consultation at Urmston Library, the residents were told that if the land was not included in the GMSF it was at risk from developers stepping in to force development, this is not true.

As long as the council owns the land, they have total control and only they can request planning permission from government to bypass planning laws. Yet Mr Anstee stated that the land was seriously under threat. Andy Western asked a specific question regarding ownership and the safety from development on the course at Wednesday's council meeting, it was ignored.

We were promised an extension to the Urmston Leisure Centre at the same meeting, the closure of the Carnall was not mentioned, but obviously already agreed. The 'extension' turns out to be a slightly bigger gym and a dance studio.

A £2.1 million white elephant, and M41 loses a golf course and a well used and functional sports centre!

Whereas Altrincham retains its golf course and gets a £18 million brand new sports centre!!

I realise that Trafford Council are of the view, that Altrincham is the principal town in Trafford and are spending the vast majority of everyone's council tax there, whilst cutting services across other parts of the borough.

Members of staff at the GH Carnall have told me they were given 31/3/2018 as the closure date, by Trafford Leisure CIC, which is wholly owned by Trafford Council. So in reality all the decisions are based on council decisions.

Residents I have spoken to on the GH Carnall issue have said how some Conservative councillors have said that they disagree with the closure and they would support the campaign to keep it open, Paul Lally even posted a picture on Twitter of his regular Badminton games and how important the centre was, yet to a councillor every one of the Tories representing a M41 ward voted to maintain the path this council is taking the area down.

How is this representative of the local residents they serve? Why do they offer support and crocodile tears and then ignore their residents views? When will they serve the people for the people and not kowtow to the executive at every turn?

There is opposition to these plans by a vast majority of the electorate, to maintain and grow the existing user base of a good quality and utilised sport centre, not to force people to make eight mile journeys to play squash or fencing or the myriad of sports available at GH Carnall, accessible to all, well placed on the motorway network to attract visitors from all over Greater Manchester and become a beacon of excellence with the placing of a proper and forward thinking management team.

Investment by Trafford is welcomed but remember the whole borough, not just the favoured area.

Simon Thomas, via email