I READ with astonishment Cllr Baugh’s letter regarding 'citizenship' in which she displays the classic traits of the unpatriotic socialist who wants to deny access to our nation’s proud history.

Her letter would be accepted in German and Russian in the 1930s or in Spanish in Cuba and Venezuela yesterday.

Cllr Baugh states that “every young person should learn about citizenship”.

I, as a former youth group leader, lecturer and member of an LEA, school governor as well as a named Child Protection Officer of an international Christian overseas aid charity and soldier believe it is about being British.

This idea of citizenship is an Animal Farm way of disengaging people from their nation and their history.

Cllr Baugh and her Party have undertaken a campaign over decades to disenfranchise the young British people from our proud history and when they teach it its sole purpose through misinformation to make them feel responsible about crimes that never occurred.

I have been and am still a successful political campaigner and fight for all of the people.

Cllr Baugh must understand that this need for teachers to indoctrinate their left of centre political creeds on impressionable young people and the need for people to teach citizenship at school is a farce.

I learned my values from my wonderful late Dad and my Mum. I give each of them an A grade but that does not need to appear on my CV but is shown in how I behave.

Cllr Baugh, we are a free thinking proud independent people and do not try to tell our young what to think or make them feel guilty about evil events that were never committed. I am not a citizen I am an Englishman.

Peter Booth, Hale