I WANT to issue a word of warning to anyone ordering anything online, especially if you live alone as I do.

I had recently ordered something online.

Recently, on a weekend morning, I was working at my computer when I heard a knock at the front door.

I saw a white van outside and thought it must be my parcel being delivered.

Now my front door has a large opaque panel in it - I clearly saw him try to open the door!

Fortunately for me it was secure.

He actually put his hand on the handle and tried to open it!

He drove a white unmarked van - I tried to get the registration number but he got away quickly.

I only saw the back of him but he was carrying what looked like a small parcel, it could have been mine, I don’t know.

I would not have been bothered if I had a porch - parcels often get left in porches.

Is this another ploy, I ask myself?

Let’s face it, we all order online these days.

No one would suspect a man walking down the drive carrying a small parcel.

Obviously, I did not answer it - it could have been anyone.

I sat down and was still shaking hours after.

Name and address supplied