As a former county councillor and one of the lead campaigners for Brexit in the Altrincham area, I and my fellow campaigners came across anger about the EU, frustration with Westminster, fear that the UK could not cope alone but also that there was too much government and that it was expensive and often remote, over-complicated and unaccountable.

Peter Harris’ excellent letter regarding his fears over the new metropolitan Mayor of Greater Manchester has real justification.

We are an easy going people but a people who will fight for freedom and have pride in our home town, as well as our country.

On Saturday, I spoke with a leading investment banker who is Dutch and works in the City.

He said: “Why does Manchester need more government?

"You have one of the UK’s three world class airports, one of the UK’s two strongest city brand names and alongside London, it is a globally renowned centre for entrepreneurship, industry, finance, sport, education, healthcare and culture.”

Peter Booth,