IT seems that after more than a year, the renovation of Stamford New Road/Railway Street appears close to completion (we hope!).

One could paraphrase "Never in the field of Urban Roadworks has so much work been done by so few people in such a long time".

And, one might add, to what purpose? The road might have needed a small amount of resurfacing after the work on the hospital and the Interchange but nothing on the scale that residents have been subjected to.

Talking to people who actually live around the centre, no-one can see any point or justification in the work carried out.

The general opinion is that money would have been better spent on improving other roads: Hale Road, Ashley Road, Regent Road, Peter Street, Oxford Road.

All these roads have numerous cracks and potholes that are occasionally refilled but never properly resurfaced.

Not only those roads but many pedestrian paths are in a far worse state than ever Stamford New Road was in.

There is also the question of blocked drains.

After heavy rainfall, a small lake appears on Denmark Street, by Total Fitness, and outside the Altrincham Little Theatre.

It seems that the council is not in the least interested in any of these problems; they are not on the main road. The main road is important because it is full of empty shops!

There was a rumour that the work on Stamford New Road was for "Traffic Calming." Really?

With four sets of traffic lights within 400metres, the centre of Altrincham was hardly a Brands Hatch. Traffic calming would be more necessary on the side roads, where cars speed up to recover lost time.

If the council want to make some money, set up speed cameras on Oxford Road and Hale Road!

But I assume that the reason for not repairing cracks and potholes on these roads, is the council's method of "Traffic Calming".

David Olliver,