ON Tuesday, March 7 I phoned One Trafford at 16:26 to report that our green bin had been taken and to request a replacement.

Our neighbour then informed me that he had taken our green bin by mistake so I phoned back at 16:43 to state that I didn't need the replacement after all.

At 16:45, One Trafford phoned back to confirm my reference number and that my request was cancelled.

Imagine my surprise when someone walked up my path on Wednesday 15th at 8am with a replacement green bin and told me that he never gets informed of cancellations. He had travelled in rush hour traffic - the most inefficient time of the day - spending unnecessary money, petrol and increasing our carbon footprint!

It is particularly galling to read that we are about to be charged for our green bins now that I know how inefficient the council/contractor is at passing on simple messages that would save money. And based on the delivery man's comments, I am clearly one of many that this has happened to.

How much tax payers' money is Trafford council wasting on inefficiencies and ineptitude in these times of austerity?

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