FOLLOWING a meeting last Saturday morning with my local councillor I was astounded to be informed that the additional 'green bin tax' is being paid directly to Trafford and not AMEY as people seem to believe.

Therefore this iniquitous extra financial burden being placed on council tax payers is nothing more than a stealth tax due to the cap placed on local government, to say nothing of the additional council tax we are being charged for social care.

My local councillor asked where I felt the extra funds should come from and one easy way would be, quite frankly in these days of austerity, that local government councillors joined the thousands of volunteers who willingly offer their services free of charge instead of accepting a minimum allowance of £6492 each (and in many many cases is actually far in access of this amount) and not claim these allowances.

Without a doubt these allowances, plus 'expenses' must add up to a huge amount of money which frankly could be used for more worthy causes. So come on Trafford councillors, do 'your bit' for the good of the community and, like thousands of other volunteers, start to think of the greater good for the community instead of just your own finances and be satisfied with the 'kudos' people like you enjoy.

Sheila Glover, Timperley