SURELY the numbers of people using food banks in Trafford is a direct consequence of the profligate policies of the last Labour Government.

The sale of our gold reserves at ridiculous rates , the 'raid' made on our pensions, the idiotic IT schemes and the imbecilic open door immigration policy has brought us to the brink of ruin.

Certainly the Tories have the attitude 'the poor are always with us – but who cares?'

In my opinion, the Lib-Dems will sell their souls to any major party who will give them any sort of power which they don't deserve.

Kate Green is a fine constituency MP but she just just loves the EU.

Indeed,capitalism is hard and ruthless, the leaders reap the benefits.

Anyone for UKIP ?

Make up your minds on May 22. YOU can make the difference.

Ian Royle, Parsonage Road, Urmston