THE Tories have totally cut the funding to the Trafford school music service.

The schools’ music service will now have to self-fund just to exist and apply for funding support from private business and apply for any appropriate grants.

I do not find it easy to come with a begging bowl but that is how desperate we are to ensure this music service survives past this next year.

This is not an easy task for staff, while at the same time they are working hard continuing to always raise the standard of this first class music service in Trafford.

Of course, charging higher fees will bring in more money but it is those children whose parents just do not have enough money over at the end of the week so pay for music tuition who will lose out with these disgraceful cuts.

If you think you can fundraise or are a business or company that can donate please get in touch or become a Friend of Trafford Music Service.

Becoming a Friend means that you will be directly contributing to the musical future of Trafford’s music service.

For further information on how to become a Friend ring 911-*238 or see the website

Cllr Jane Baugh Shadow spokesman Health and Wellbeing, Trafford Council