(RE: Residents embrace recycling changes, Messenger January 23)

FAR from embracing the recycling policy of the council or indeed supporting it as Cllr Mitchell says, the public are in the main only complying with the law as laid down.

You might as well say that the public are embracing and supporting benefit cuts as laid down by the Government.

The provision of bins for those other than in single dwellings is woefully inadequate and despite regular visits to the council offices, little is done.

Also, the tail is wagging the dog, ie: the waste collection companies leave the emptied bins scattered in all directions in an effort to finish early, but there is a raft of instructions for residents putting them out for collection. Woe betide anyone who dares to break them.

Indeed, the last time I took to comment, it was concerning an elderly woman who was threatened with prosecution, some years ago, for the mortal sin of putting the wrong waste in the wrong bin. (This article appeared on the front page of Messenger).

So let’s have less of the mealy mouthed rhetoric from council officials who toe the party line, in this outgoing administration.

George Burnett, Sale (address supplied)