AS vice-chairman of the Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society, I sympathise with Elizabeth Clinton's sadness about Altrincham.

One has only to think of the wilful demolition of the Stamford Hall, the swimming pool and the old library as part of the 'modernisation' of the 1960s and 1970s.

However, let's look on the bright side.

The revised plans for the Altair site are greatly reduced in size, scale and height from the first plans and Nick Payne, the director of Altair, has assured the civic society that his aim is not to cut the town in half, but to encourage footfall between Altair and old Altrincham.

Secondly, in 2002, the then council had ideas of demolishing our town hall and building a car-park, but fortunately I and members of all the heritage societies managed to rescue the building and have it refurbished.

Thirdly, we have had some influence in the decision of Petros Ltd to refurbish Station Buildings, one of the finest buildings, indeed perhaps the finest in Altrincham.

Fourthly, Ms Clinton must be aware of the current redevelopment of the lower market site, which will be greatly to the benefit of the stall-holders and their customers, and the old Market Hall will also be refurbished.

Fifthly, the replacement Altrincham General Hospital is proceeding and will be a great advantage to the town in every way.

Sixthly, when it is in operation, there are exciting ideas for the old site, but the only definite idea at the moment is that the outpatients' department will be the site of a new library and possibly even space for a museum!

Moreover we are hopeful that the front and Regent Road facades of the old AGH will be preserved as part of a sympathetic redevelopment of the whole site.

Ms Clinton feels strongly about our town. Would she like to join our civic society?

David Eastwood, Heyes Lane, Timperley