“WE can’t believe what we are seeing, you only read about these things in comic books.”

Those were the remarks made by two school pals as they walked up Irlam Road, Flixton, on their way to Wellacre School, around November 16 last year when they noticed a flat, triangular-shaped craft like a great slice of pizza hovering above them.

It was wingless, made no noise, and was emitting light of all colours of the spectrum. Eventually the UFO began moving away towards the Mile Road, Flixton.

Then the following month just before Christmas, the bizarre craft was back, spotted by a neighbour, who told me he watched with his wife as this brilliant white light moved erratically over Kingsway Park, performing manoeuvres other aircraft couldn’t match.

One of the world’s foremost experts in the field, former Ministry of Defence official Nick Pope, always maintains if it’s not a bird, plane or superman, then it’s a UFO.

Harry Wild Conway Road, Davyhulme

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