I AM writing in response to DW from Timperley (Sadness and Horror, November 8).

Changes at Dunham Crematorium and Cemetery were made over a year ago to ensure privacy for families attending services at what is obviously a difficult time for them.

Unfortunately, when floral tributes were historically placed in the chapel foyer there were occasions where services were disturbed due to excessive amounts of noise and sadly also occasions where visitors pushed past mourners in order to place their tributes.

In addition to this, flowers placed in the chapel foyer tended to wilt quickly due to the sun shining through the window and overly heating the foyer.

Therefore, the decision was taken to move the displays into the cloister at the side of the chapel.

Visitors are now able to gain access to the floral display regardless of funeral times and funerals are not disturbed by the placing of tributes in the foyer.

We have placed a number of flower planters and shelving to enable people to leave their tributes, and monitor the area to make sure there are no adverse effects caused by the weather.

We are also able to tend to the flowers to ensure they are sustained as long as possible. A memorial wall plaque scheme has also been introduced.

Over the past few years, we have maintained our resource within the crematorium grounds and we will continue to do all we can to support people who wish to pay tributes to their loved ones.

We will continue to monitor the operation of this service to make sure that we are delivering the highest standards possible to mourners and visitors.

I hope this clarifies the issues which have been raised.

Executive Councillor Alan Mitchell