We are compiling data for Trafford's application to the Fairtrade Foundation for Trafford to become a Fairtrade Borough, and we need your help to let us know where you have been offered or can buy products with the Fairtrade logo on it, that is in addition to the regular supermarkets.

There are thousands of businesses in Trafford, plus cafes, restaurants, hotels, B & B's, guest houses, hairdressers, beauty salons, gymns and leisure centres, etc, to name just a few.

We have had excellent support from our steering group members who helped to achieve Fairtrade Town Status for Altrincham, and our newly formed Fairtrade Detectives from local charity United Response - but we need your help to identify those areas listed where we have gaps!

Trafford as a Fairtrade Borough is a prestigious title that we want to be proud of achieving, and will give us a higher ranking alongside the other Greater Manchester authorities who have achieve Fairtrade Borough or City status.

NEXT STEP - be on the look out for the Fairtrade sign, make a note of the location, then email me to let me know.

Thanks and good luck sharman.frost@trafford.gov.uk