A STRETFORD mum had a Mother’s Day to remember this year when she gave birth to triplets.

Claire Parkinson, 32, was getting ready to spend Mother’s Day with husband Lee and her seven-year-old son Callum, when she went into labour on Saturday night.

She was 32 weeks pregnant and had been hoping to carry the babies for another three weeks, but her waters broke late in the evening and she had an emergency c-section at 7am on Sunday April 3.

The three babies - identical boys Harry and Charlie and a girl called Lily - were born in good health weighing 4lb 5oz, 3lb 7 1.2oz and 3lb 8oz, and are being cared for at the neonatal intensive care unit at Wigan Hospital.

Proud dad Lee, a teacher at Davyhulme Primary School, said: “It was an incredible day and wonderful as it was Mother’s Day.”

“It has been a miracle to get the babies to 32 weeks at such big weights, she has been amazing.

“She was that big, we just didn’t think she could get any bigger.

“It was so surreal, it happened so fast. I had to keep it together when I was in theatre with Claire, but it was very very emotional and as soon as I heard them crying it was a really magical special moment.”

The couple, from Moss Park Road, married last July and conceived the triplets naturally - neither have a history of multiple births in their family.

Lee, who is working over the Easter holidays at a school holiday club, said caring for the triplets was bound to be an adventure, but the couple couldn’t wait to bring them home.