A PARTINGTON Town councillor has voiced his concerns about the prospect of a waste disposal centre being sited in nearby Carrington.

Wayne Edwards spoke out after discovering that Trafford has earmarked two possible locations if a new waste centre is built - Carrington and Trafford Park.

He said the Carrington area was totally unacceptable and would hit efforts to regenerate Carrington and Partington.

Mr Edwards said: "I am really worried about this. We have some great developments in the area, such as the paper mill, and housing projects planned.

"But all this would be ruined if we have a waste centre in the middle of it.

"It will wreck efforts to regenerate Partington."

He recalled there was a successful campaign to prevent an incinerator being built in the area a decade ago.

Trafford Council chiefs, though, insist there are no current proposals for a waste centre on either of the sites.

A council statement said: "Trafford Council, along with other Greater Manchester districts, has recently approved the Greater Manchester Waste Plan, which runs from 2012-2027 and can be viewed at http://www.gmwastedpd.co.uk/subexamdocs.html "This document, together with Trafford's Core Strategy (www.trafford.gov.uk/corestrategy), provides the framework for the assessment of any waste proposals that may come to the Council.

"The document does identify locations in Carrington and Trafford Park which could be suitable for waste facilities. There are no proposals to develop waste facilities on these sites at present, but any future proposals would be assessed against this plan, with Carrington and Trafford Park considered as possible locations for such facilities."