A Bowdon based group staged a special UFO conference last June (2006).

UFO Review, publishers of a bi-monthly internet magazine on the flying sauces phenomena, held the event at Timperley's Masonic Hall, Clay Lane.

Organiser Stuart Miller told Spooky Trafford: "It's the first time we've done this and the intention is to make it an annual event. The emphasis is on Ufology' and there's a very good balance of speakers.

"I don't think we have a satisfactory explanation for the phenomena of UFOs. There are many unexplained answers and this conference will examine those subjects."

So closer to home has Trafford any famous UFO cases? Stuart said: "The most well known case in recent years involved a passenger aeroplane, just before it landed at Manchester Airport, in January 1995.

"The pilot had just come over the Pennines and was flying into Manchester at about 4,000 ft. He saw a lighted object on his right hand side travelling in the opposite direction. It was wedged shaped' and had a black stripe down the side.

"The plane landed safely at Manchester Airport a short time later. Despite exhaustive investigations the reported object remains untraced but there is a radar record - no one really knows what it was."

For further information contact Stuart on 0161 929 1846 or Stuart.Miller4@btinternet.com The speakers included: *Nick Redfern author of On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: Ufos And Government Surveillance'.

Now living in the United States, Nick is a well-known UFO writer and is the author of several successful books on the subject.

He is recognised as one of the UK's leading researchers on the subject and has a reputation as a direct, no nonsense journalist who is prepared to get his hands dirty and doesn't like taking "no" for an answer.

Nick will be speaking about the UK and US intelligence agencies observation over the years of people involved in UFO research.

*Canadian documentary filmmaker and UFO researcher Paul Kimball.

Paul will be talking about his documentary the Wilbert Smith Story: Separating Fact from Fiction'. Smith, a senior engineer in the Canadian department of transport, achieved notoriety in the 1950s.

Paul will talk about the Smith Memo' in which his subject wrote: "The existence of a different technology is borne out by the investigations which are being carried on at the present time in relation to flying saucers."

*Neil Morris The Alien Autopsy Film - A Review and Update'.

Neil will examine the revelations brought out by the current Ant and Dec feature film, namely that the alien autopsy footage that appeared in public in 1995 was a fake.