The picture opposite was taken at Sale's Jackson's Boat sometime in the early 1900s and was recently rediscovered.

But it's the apparent ghostly images in the background that have got people talking.

Trafford ghost story writer Adele Kain contacted The Messenger after hearing about a number of spooky tales at the pub and invited the borough's very own Ghostbusters - Paraquest - to investigate.

This month (February)the team staged a Friday night after-hours investigation and you can find out how they got in our special two-part Messenger Interactive video.

click here to view To comment on this story click hereIn the first film we look at the history of the pub and some of the ghost legends, and in the second video we take you on a spooky tour that came to a chilling conclusion in the pub's cellar.

Adele, who lives in Sale, told SAM: "Trafford is an absolutely fascinating place and when people know what I'm doing they often tell me a story.

"I'm not a scientist or investigator - my subjects are English and history - and use my skills to look for clues to what happened in the past.

"All kinds of things over the years have happened at Jackson's Boat. I used to go in there and it was the creepiest place I've ever been.

"The interesting thing is that there's been a building on the side since the sixteenth century. The current building is seventeenth century and wasn't always a pub."

She added: "Legend has it that Bonnie Prince Charlie visited Jackson's Boat in Sale as he rallied his troops in the north. The original story was associated with that, but what's happened recently is very different.

"The current licensees, Paul and David, are experiencing odd and scattered unexplained incidents. It's not regular and not the same thing all the time but nevertheless unexplained and ongoing.

"It usually happens at night when things go quiet and this is something the previous landlords experienced certainly in the 1990s and I believe probably before..."

John Slater, who also lives in Sale, is the co-founder of the Paraquest Paranormal Investigators group and took seven of his team with him to investigate last week.

John said: "The fascination with the subject makes us want to get to the truth and we have devised a number of experiments that we conduct at our investigations.

"Unlike other groups I think we're more scientifically based - we're highly sceptical and focused on what we do."

The first video will go online this Friday.

Jackson's Boat facts:

*The pub has also been known as the Bridge Inn' and Greyhound'.

*The council bought Jackson's Bridge in 1947 and abolished the penny toll; it used to only be free if you were visiting the pub.

*An 1843 map shows that Rifle Road used to be known as Rifle Butt Road. The area to the west of the pub was once known as 'The Volunteer Rifle Range', where soldiers from the Napoleonic Wars once practised.