CAROL Broomhead, of Sylvan Avenue, Timperley, said: “Could you find out what happened after the public inquiry into putting a junction at Park Road in Timperley and Washway Road? This would be about four years ago in April that it was passed. If any road needs one it is there.

“So much traffic builds up there. There needs to be a slip road there so it can thin down. This part of Washway Road is heavily congested and now we have more flats on Park Road than ever leading to even more traffic from residents.”

KEITH Tanner, of Georges Road, Sale, said: “The problems with Trafford’s roads do not lie only in the surfaces but also in the misuse of footways and the lack of policing of attendant problems.

“On Marsland Road around the corner form my house, we experience continual problems with cars parking wholly on the footway.

“Frequently, we are forced to push our child buggy on to the extremely busy carriageway to pass the obstructions. Often, that carriageway is also obstructed by cars parked on the adjacent double yellow lines making it even more dangerous to negotiate.”

Jo Cushing said: “Trafford Highways Authority is implementing a road parking scheme in the Borough Road area in Altrincham against the wishes of residents. It is not designed to current legislation and will enable traffic to speed.

“When will the council stop trying to ruin our streets? Why do they encourage cars to speed down our children’s streets with complete disregard for the way we live?”

Talking about Borough Road, Executive Councillor Alan Mitchell said: “We always listen to the views of local people and parking schemes in residential areas are only considered if residents ask for them.

“Indeed, in this case the scheme was devised in response to consistent requests to regulate parking from people living in the area.

“Extensive consultation was carried out and residents had the opportunity to help shape the scheme, which is only being implemented on roads where the majority of residents have supported it. These residents should enjoy a much better experience of parking safely and closer to home.

“The scheme will be introduced in the next few weeks and it will be monitored to assess its impact.

“We will carry out a one-month review to enable us to make any changes to the scheme that immediately become apparent as well as a six-month review.

“Only 10 per cent of residents objected in the final consultation and most of these were concentrated in one specific area. We have respected their wishes and the scheme will not be introduced in that specific area.”

A council spokesman added that they do have an improvement scheme proposed for the Park Road junction, and discussions are taking place with property owners affected by the proposals and steps being taken to ensure all the funding is in place for the scheme to go forward.