CARRIE Collins, of The Springs, in Bowdon, said that driving out of her road and on to Langham Road was lethal.

She said: “Turning either right or left on to Langham Road is next to impossible. It is a blind corner and needs a crossing. When my husband or I are turning out we just have to take a deep breath and hope for the best. There have been so many near misses.

“Cars travel along Langham Road so quickly and it’s also a danger for pedestrians with so many schools nearby.”

Shaun Thompson, a motorcyclist who lives on Exmouth Road, Sale, complained that he constantly had to avoid potholes when riding his bike along Glebelands Road.

He said: “The road is filled with holes and needs to be resurfaced. In some parts you can see the old cobbles coming through!

“In addition the manhole covers are worn down so they have no grips on them at all. They are like mini oil slicks or ice rinks and very dangerous for motorbikes.

“We’ve been putting up with it for God knows how long and the council need to get it sorted. That road really is an accident waiting to happen.”