A SALE resident has called for Trafford’s pavements to be made safer, as well as its roads.

Messenger asked readers to contact us about any locations they felt were unsafe, which prompted Hilary Currah to flag up the borough’s kerbsides.

She said: “I'm referring to cyclists who seem to prefer the pavements instead of the roads.

“The number seen appears to increase daily, both in residential areas and pavements in shopping malls.

“Some of them ride at speed and I feel it is only a matter of time before a pedestrian is seriously injured in an accident.

“It happens far too much, I see it happening every day.

“Pedestrians sometimes have to dodge the bikes, which is completely wrong.

“I think it is about time cyclists were prosecuted for riding on pavements and that the police did something about it.”

Executive councillor Alan Mitchell said: “We want all road users, whether they are cyclists, motorists or pedestrians, to feel they can travel safely in the borough, and part of the £24m budget allocated to improving Trafford’s roads will be spent on improving facilities for cyclists.

“Our aim is to offer direct, on-road routes introduced for cyclists to encourage more people to get on their bikes, which in turn will keep them healthy, help tackle congestion, help the environment, and discourage illegal cycling on the pavement.”

Trafford’s chief superintendent, Janette McCormick, added: “It is an issue and it is dangerous. For me many of the anti-social behaviour type offences, and I would class this as one, are about respect.

“As communities we should set standards and expect people to uphold them rather than through prosecution.

“I don’t think my officers should be focusing on this specifically as an issue, that said they should advise cyclists of the issues and get them to use the roads when they come across it.

“As communities we should as set standards and challenge where they are not upheld.”