POTHOLES, cracks and poorly maintained roads in Trafford could become a thing of the past when road maintenance in the borough is streamlined with Stockport.

An alliance, valued at £150m and contracted to last for five years - with a potential to extend until 2020, was announced by the leaders of Stockport and Trafford councils this week.

On Tuesday, March 9, at Lancashire County Cricket Club, Councillor Matt Colledge, conservative leader of Trafford Council, met Councillor Dave Goddard, liberal democrat leader of Stockport Council, to officially launch the Stockport and Trafford’s Streetscene Alliance.

By working together, both councils hope to minimise the cost of improving the two borough’s roads, while also delivering better services.

There are 10 main areas that the money will be focussed on including; resurfacing, improved signage, street lighting, bridge and structural maintenance, anti-skid and coloured surfacing, and road maintenance.

Cllr Colledge said there was much to gain from working together, as an alliance would improve efficiency and save money.

He said that the long-term partnership, which had broken down political barriers and taken two years to achieve, would save time and resources as the two councils could share expertise.

“We want the very best value for residents in both our councils, he said.

Cllr Goddard said the two councils wanted to “drive up the quality and drive down the price” of road improvements because it was something people cared about.

“Roads are not sexy, but when potholes and cracks are there, the mail bag is full.

“We can’t do it on our own, but together we can,” he said.

Antony Oliver, editor of New Civil Engineering magazine and MC at the launch, said it was a bold decision.

“It will boost not only GDP but also the GDH - the Gross Domestic Happiness. The most important thing is to try to make people’s lives happier,” he said.

Do you have any potholes in your area? Do you think money should be spent improving the roads where you live?

If there are any issues on your roads then get in touch and email your comments and pictures to jessica.bell@messengergrp.co.uk.