POLICE in Stretford are working with schools to boost child safety and reduce vehicle congestion.

Working with St Hilda’s Church and St Hilda’s, St Theresa’s and Kings Road primary schools, PCSO Garrie Stockley has developed a new walking bus scheme to help children get to and from school safely.

The bus will run on specific days nominated by each individual school. On those days, volunteers will meet children at St Hilda’s Church, on Warwick Road South, before escorting them on a safe route to the school.

As well as making the school entrances safer and less congested with vehicles, the scheme will aim to reduce any tensions between residents living by schools and parents picking their children up.

The initiative should also reduce vehicle carbon emissions, encourage exercise and independence and promote childrens’ pedestrian skills.

PCSO Garrie Stockley, for Stretford NPT, said: “The scheme was set up in response to concerns raised by residents over congestion, parking and road safety around school pick-up and drop-off times.

“Accidents can easily happen around schools when there are lots of vehicles and lots of children at the same time. The walking bus will help avoid this and create a safer environment from children so we would ask parents to support it.”

The scheme has been funded by Change Makers, a charity that aims to unlock the leadership potential of young people.

For more information visit changemakers.org.uk.