KATE Green MP joined fellow MPs on a day of campaigning against violence against women and girls last Thursday (Feb 14), as part of the global One Billion Rise campaign.

Events took place all over the country, with women and men dancing, partying, shouting, waving banners, and demonstrating – all demanding action to tackle sexual and domestic violence.

Figures show that one in two boys and one in three girls think it can be ok for a man to hit his partner, and that three quarters of the victims of domestic violence are women.

Typically victims of domestic violence experience more than 20 incidents of abuse before the police are called in, and criminal proceedings follow.

In Parliament, as part of the campaign, MPs organised a debate on the importance of sex and relationships education in schools.

Ms Green MP said: “I was really delighted that MPs of all parties supported One Billion Rise today.

It's so important that we teach our young people that violence and abuse towards women and girls are never, ever, acceptable.

"But I am very disappointed that the other parties wouldn't support Labour's call for sex and relationships education to be part of the national curriculum. We will keep campaigning for that.”