A SALE man who upset a Wythenshawe hospital security guard with racial taunts was sentenced by magistrates to carry out 80 hours unpaid work.

Former taxi-driver John Connelly, 55, was also ordered to pay the guard £50 compensation for his “unpleasant behaviour”.

“This sort of conduct will just not be tolerated”, the court in Manchester told him.

Connelly, of Kempton Court, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to charges of racially aggravated threatening behaviour and threatening behaviour on January 5.

The court heard he was seen drunk outside the hospital’s A&E entrance drinking from a can of lager.

He was carrying a bag containing more cans and when a guard told him to move began shouting racist abuse. 

Afterwards he threw himself on the ground and had to be pulled onto a grass verge out of the way of traffic.

Connelly had been taken to the hospital after falling over in the street.  He also swore at another guard.


Mrs Eleanore Beard defending, said Connelly, who had an alcohol problem, was disgusted by his actions and full of remorse.


“He has no recollection of what he did and had lapsed back into drinking after becoming depressed at losing his job”, said Mrs Beard.


Connelly was also told to pay court costs of £85 and a £60 victim surcharge.