FOR Sale resident Carol Bradbury and her daughters Kirsty Peace and Claire Rogers, skydiving is a family affair.

When each in turn jumped from a plane, Carol, aged 49, and Kirsty, 30, raised £400 for Macmillan Cancer Support. BUPA, where they both work, doubled it.

Twenty-eight-year-old Claire, of Newmarket Close, Sale, raised £500 for Help for Heroes and her employer, Key Travel, also did so.

So, altogether, they raised £1800 for charity.

Last Christmas Claire bought her mother and sister, from Bury, tickets for Air Max, the local skydiving simulator.

Carol, from Firs Road, said: “It was such fun I wanted to do a proper skydive so I dragged them in too.”

As the experience at Black Knights, Morecambe, cost £250 each, the family sold cakes and took stalls at car boot sales to raise that cash so that their charities got every penny of sponsorship money.

The girls went through a hailstorm and Kirsty landed in the wrong field near the runway.

Carol said: “They sent a quad bike to rescue her and she had to sit on the front.

“I think I enjoyed it the most. You do it in tandem with an instructor. Mine was called Billy but when I asked him his name he replied ‘your best buddy’.

“Billy was pulling my leg all the way down. He pointed out the Blackpool lights and the beautiful sunset.

“When I got down I was blubbering, it was so great.”

“Now I’ve done that, I’d like to go wing walking,” she said.