PLANNING permission has been granted for five detached houses to be built on a green field site in Urmston, despite numerous letters of objection from residents.

The houses to be built on land on Davyhulme Road, which is adjacent to a listed building, each comprise four bedrooms, additional car parking and detached garages.

Trafford Council received 12 letters of objection in responses to the original plans, which comprised two properties on Davyhulme Road and eight on the neighbouring Woodhouse Road, and nine in response to the amended plans, which were approved on November 8.

Speaking at the planning meeting, Martin Voice, who lives opposite the site, said the development “severely affects my private life and massively affects my family life.”

He asserted the houses will be two or three metres taller than his own and are separated from his property by less than 27-30 metres, which the council advises.

The applicant for the development, Karl Seddon, said: “We took full account of the existing view of the listed building opposite.

“We have considered the height of the proposals and those have been agreed by your planning department.”

Ward councillor, June Reilly, said: “This site is not far from where I live and I’m actually delighted that something is happening, it’s actually started to look very tired in recent years.”

Vice chairman of Trafford Planning Development Control Committee, Cllr Dan Bunting, said: "In terms of the separation distances, they are a guideline, they are not a fixed absolute.

“I think in this case they are sufficient.”

The proposal was approved by all councillors with the exception of Cllr Dolores O’Sullivan, who expressed concerns that the development will be on a green field site.