AN ALTRINCHAM-based company, Gravitas International, has launched the latest development in flood protection – the HydroSack.

The company reckon the hydrosack is a big improvement on heavy sandbags.

The HydroSack, and its sister product the HydroSnake, are made with a non-woven fabric that covers pads of super absorbent polymer (SAP). Weighing just short of a kilo, the bags are extremely lightweight, making them easy to deploy into position.

Upon contact with water, the SAP crystallises, dramatically increasing in size and weight, to form an effective barrier against flood water.

Currently distributed in the UK by JT Atkinson and selected online distributors, the product has further distributors in Europe, shipping across the continent.

It is the brainchild of David Sallon, chief executive of Gravitas International.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the design and production of non-woven fabrics and personal products, David put his knowledge to the test after recognising the drawbacks of current flood defence products.

David said: “Sandbags have been used for hundreds of years, despite being highly deficient. They are cumbersome, difficult to store, leak water and store toxins from flood water. Our aim was to create something that is much more effective and will revolutionise the way we protect ourselves from flooding.

“The HydroSack is much more eco-friendly, time effective and far less labour intensive. We believe it is the most important development in emergency flood protection since the invention of the sandbag.”