FOUR landmark gas storage tanks in Partington will soon be demolished under plans agreed unanimously by Trafford Council.

The tanks will be torn down alongside other structures within National Grid’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facility at Heath Farm Lane.

Heath Farm Lane played an important role in the storage of the country’s gas for some four decades.

But following a review of the UK LNG storage business, National Grid is now decommissioning the facility as it is no longer needed for the operation of its national gas network.

Simon Richardson, LNG storage manager, said: “Now that planning consent has been granted we can begin demolition work at Heath Farm Lane, the final stage in decommissioning the site.

“The work will be carried out in phases, running up to the end of the year, as we still have to empty the site of materials.

“Our aim is recycle, for use both on and off site, more than 90 per cent of materials and specialist demolition experts have been hired with this in mind.”

The demolition and clean-up of the redundant site will mean that the land can be brought back into use in the future.