THE MP for Stretford and Urmston has pleged her support for young people getting the vote aged 16.

An action week from March 5 to 11 will encourage people to sign the Votes at 16 petition.

The petition states: “It’s time that young people were properly included in society, and shown the respect and trust that society expects of us.

“A 16-year-old can pay income tax and national insurance, obtain tax credits and welfare benefits, consent to sexual relationships and join the armed forces, yet they cannot have a say in the Government that ultimately controls these things. This is wrong.”

MP Kate Green said: “Young people are directly affected by decisions about big issues such as education, employment and training for example, and their voices ought to be heard equally.

“Lowering the voting age to 16 could help to reconnect young people with their community and the political decision making process. That’s why I’d encourage people to join the campaign and sign the petition.”

The Votes at 16 coalition is made up of more than 70 youth and democracy organisations and is chaired by the British Youth Council.