AN Urmston artist is involved in a film project that features a cluster of Rochdale tower blocks at its heart.

Catherine Corlett teamed up with Zachary Ingham to create the motion pictures about the College Bank Flats, also known as the Seven Sisters.

The results are currently being displayed at Touchstones Rochdale Art Gallery and they aim to give people that chance to view their surroundings in a new light.

Seven films were shot from the top of each of the towers, which have dominated the borough’s landscape for the past 40 years.

Catherine, aged 34, of Victoria Road, attached cameras to sails at heights of more than 200 foot, leaving gusting winds to rotate them on their axes and record sweeping, panoramic views of Rochdale and the other towers.

She said: “The artwork romanticises the tower blocks and blurs their reality. The people who live in these tower blocks have unparalleled views across Rochdale.

“We hope our artwork give other people the opportunity to share those views and perhaps see the landscape in which they live a little differently.”

Young people living in the tower blocks and surrounding areas will now work with Catherine and Zachary, from Nottingham, to create their own artwork, which will be shown later in the run of the exhibition.

It is hoped the youngsters will express how they feel about where they lives, allowing them to open up a dialogue with their community.

The exhibition and project is supported by the John Grant Davies Trust, a charity that aims to tackle poverty and boost economic development.

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