PLANNING chiefs have backed a massive development scheme earmarked for Trafford Quays - despite concerns about the impact on the road network.

Peel Investments has submitted two applications to transform a 5.5 hectare undeveloped site near the Trafford Centre, that is bounded by Trafford Way and Trafford Boulevard.

The schemes include three office blocks of between four and 10 storeys.

A covered pedestrian bridge between two of the office blocks would link to the Trafford Centre Centre car park and bus station.

Peel also plans to build 250 homes on the site, with 30 per cent of them as affordable accommodation.

There would also be shops, offices, cafes and restaurants and takeaway on the site.

A number of planning committee members voiced concerns about the impact the development would have on the already congested roads in the area.

Cllr Laurence Walsh called for wider consultation by the developers and said: “This will completely change the outlook of the area and a lot of people’s lives.”

But Cllr Dan Bunting said: “This is beneficial to the area. The plusses overwhelmingly dwarf the negatives. I give it my enthusiastic support.”

He said the traffic issues would be ‘relatively manageable’.

A number of highway improvements will be carried out. These works include widening the junction at Bridgewater Circle to provide an extra lane and a bus lane, and widening junction 10 on the M60 to provide a fourth lane.

The planning committee voted that it was ‘minded to grant’ the outline proposals.