Trafford residents visited areas of Brazil devastated by floods

9:20am Thursday 20th January 2011

A STUNNING mountainous area in Brazil that has been devastated by floods is close to the hearts of a group that has strong contingent of members from Trafford.

Four years ago, members of the Greater Manchester Friendship Force from Altrincham and Sale stayed in the flood and landslide ravaged town of Teresopolis.

They were guests of the Rio de Janeiro Friendship Force and attended a party there at the holiday home of Anna Maria Endler, president of the Rio Club.

The death toll from the flooding has topped 600 and is continuing to increase, and one of the worst hit spots is Teresopolis where more than 250 have died.

When they heard about the floods, the Friendship Force members were worried.

Last October, Anna Maria stayed in Sale, and other people from Rio were hosted around Greater Manchester.

Fortunately, Anna Maria e-mailed the group to say she, and her house, are safe.

She said: “It was terrible rain never seen before. It took three small cities in the mountains. Fortunately I wasn’t there and my house was undamaged. The housekeeper and the dogs are also OK.

“I am grateful to God because where I have my house was one of the places where the disaster was very bad yet I suffered nothing.”

The house could still be swept away, though, if there is more rain.

Group members from Trafford on the trip included Christine Pidcock, from Hale, Ann McGrath, who lives in Sale, and Timperley resident Colin Brown.

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