A SALE dentist is urging the Government to ban mercury fillings.

Anjali Shahi, of Manor Dental Practice, stopped using mercury on all her patients in 2005.

Her Washway Road practice hasn't used amalgam fillings - which contain 50 per cent mercury - on children and pregnant women since 1995.

Anjali said: “The UK needs to follow other European nations and ban mercury filings. I have lots of patients who come to see me because having their mercury fillings removed might help with other medical complaints they have.

“Mercury is one of the most dangerous environmental toxins.

“It’s safer to insert white fillings which are non-toxic and look better too. I’m removing plenty of old mercury fillings and replacing them with white ones. I’m urging the Government to look at the issue and have written to my MP Graham Brady, with a view to getting it put on the health agenda.

“If your dentist recommends mercury fillings my advice is to seek a second opinion.”

A dentist for nearly 20 years, Anjali spoke out after author Terry Pratchett blamed mercury-based tooth fillings for his Alzheimer's disease.

The author of the Discworld series described the fillings - which millions of Britons have - as ‘toxic waste’, and has had his removed.

Although there is no hard evidence to support the view that the fillings are harmful, they have been banned in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

But the British Dental Association insist the filllings are safe.

“Dental amalgam has been used as a safe, durable and cost-effective material for more than 150 years,” a spokesman said.

“Its safety has been the subject of numerous reviews, including a recent one by the EU Commission’s Scientific Committee. That review concluded that there was no evidence of increased risk of adverse systemic effects.

“However, pregnant women should avoid or delay any dental intervention or medication during pregnancy.”

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