SIX members of Urmston-based Meighan Youth Theatre will perform before an international audience this month.

When 300 delegates from 30 countries attend the 40th anniversary World Conference of Friendship Force International at the Midland Hotel from August 24 – 28, the teenagers will treat them to a sketch about a typical local Friendship Force meeting.

It is possible that members of the Greater Manchester Friendship Force committee, many of whom live in Trafford, will recognise themselves!

Local people have visited Japan, South America, Australia, Turkey, Germany and the USA.

In November they will travel to New Zealand.

In return they have hosted visitors from abroad so it is likely they will meet people they know at the conference.

Delegates will enjoy addresses from global explorer Benedict Allen and Holywood actress, Stefanie Powers.

The highlight, on Saturday, August 26 will be a gala dinner beneath the wings of Concorde.

The guest speaker will be Phil Holt whose subject will be 'Keep Calm! I’m an Air Traffic Controller'.

Jeremi Snook, president of Friendship Force International based in Atlanta, Georgia, said: “Friendship Force’s home exchange programme has expanded the world view of millions of people.

“It has helped to overcome prejudiced, racial and discriminatory barriers that separate people.”

To endorse these words, some staff and delegates will take part in Manchester Pride on Saturday, August 26th.

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