PLANNING chiefs have given the green light to two major tower block developments that will transform the landscape of north Trafford.

The two schemes - one in Trafford Park and the other 1.3 miles away in Old Trafford - will see four tower block erected for schemes that will provide more than 700 homes at 'gateway' sites in the borough.

One of the plans will see two tower blocks - called No. 1 Old Trafford - being built on land at Trafford Wharf Road, Trafford Park - near Manchester United's Old Trafford ground and Media City.

One of the block will be 18 storeys and 57m tall, and the other 15 storeys and 48m.

The £68m scheme will house 354 flats, with the ground floor being used as commercial premises.

The limited space on the 'island' site - currently occupied by low level industrial buildings - means there is only room for 59 car parking places, well below the guidelines for such a development.

The second one, at Bridgewater Way, Old Trafford, will comprise five blocks in total. The two tallest blocks, on the Chester Road frontage, will be 19 and 16 storeys high, with the other three ranging from four to seven storeys.

The development will provide 363 flats and town houses with 101 car parking spaces.

Although both schemes were approved, some members of the planning committee expressed reservations about them, particularly the Trafford Wharf Road application.

The owner of nearby events venue Victoria Warehouse expressed concerns that resident sin the complex would be disturbed by noise from the large scale events and parties it hosts.

Committee members were told, though, that noise consultant experts had been brought in and had put forward solutions to mitigate the issue.

Councillors Dolores O'Sullivan and Ejaz Malik, though, said they did not think it was the right location for a residential development and voted against it.

Committee members including Cllr Dan Bunting expressed reservations about the low level of car parking.

Councillors were told, though that the development will be next to the new Wharfside Metrolink stop that is set to open in 2019.

Cllr Nathan Evans said we are moving towards a period when people will be less dependent on having a car.

He said: "We need to embrace developments like this.”

Cllr Karen Barclay said it was an 'exciting application'.

But Cllr Bunting said he was supporting it with "extreme reluctance and concern and I hope I don't live to regret it."

Damian Flood, the chief executive of No.1 Old Trafford developer Cole Waterhouse, said: “This scheme will bring a vibrant neighbourhood to this fantastic location and we are looking forward to progressing with the construction now.

"There’s another No.1 at Old Trafford!”

The second tower block application - called Cornbrook Works - is for a location bounded by Bridgewater Way, Chester Road, Virgil Street, and Princess Street, Old Trafford.

Cllr O'Sullivan said she thought the building was like a 'concrete jungle'.

Other planning committee members, though, though it would improve the neighbourhood.

Cllr Malik, who represents the area, said: "I welcome the development in my ward because we are short of housing.

"It will enhance the area and I welcome it."

Mike McManus, from developer Bellward Properties, said:  “We are delighted to have received Trafford's approval to our proposed scheme. 
"Our vision for the site has been two years in the making. We believe the development will serve to enhance the whole area.”

Both schemes were approved.