THE FRIENDS of Longford Park in Stretford are urgently appealing for funding to support their Pets’ Corner project.

Pets’ Corner is a community-run animal centre. Ever since Trafford Council stopped funding the project in 2014, it has relied on donations and community support to keep on going.

The centre needs £2,000 to pay for a new roof and the maintenance of the CCTV security system as well as to cover vets’ bills.

In their appeal the Friends of Longford Park state: “We want to keep Pets' Corner as an environment where our animals are safe, and having a good security system and a dry place to live is key to their wellbeing.

“We know that the local community of Stretford, Chorlton, and surrounding areas want us to stay open, and we want to keep animals there and to make sure that they are safe. We want to have a collection of happy, well-fed and healthy animals, of which the local community can be proud.”

Longford Park is the largest municipal park in Trafford borough. It serves the communities of Stretford and Chorlton and a number of people who take their children there remember going when they were children themselves.

Sue Benjamins, one supporter of the appeal noted: “This is a simple, healthy scheme that has run for years, bringing access to pets and small animals to children who may not otherwise get a chance to develop empathy, understanding and the enjoyment of the benefits a good relationship with animals can bring.”

The appeal has so far reached the £1500 mark but there are only a few days remaining before the August 16 deadline to meet the £2,000 target.

More information about the appeal can be found at where online donations can be made.

There is also a collection box at Pets’ Corner itself for small donations.